Asia-Pacific gaming industry undergoing a transformative shift

The Asia-Pacific gaming industry is undergoing a transformative shift, with various countries implementing new regulatory frameworks to balance growth and player protection. A panel discussion

Emigration: The hidden catalyst behind radical right’s rise in Europe

Earlier this spring, the European Parliament voted to overhaul its immigration policy to more evenly distribute responsibility among member states for managing the arrival of migrants and asylum-seekers.

Why the future of democracy could depend on your group chats

I became newly worried about the state of democracy when, a few years ago, my mother was elected president of her neighborhood garden club. Her election wasn’t

UK and US elections: two very different systems united by a common political language

Voters in the United Kingdom on May 22 learned the date they would be joining the many, many people casting ballots around the world in 2024.

How the ‘probability revolution’ fueled the casino gambling craze in the 18th century

The first commercial gambling operations emerged, coincidentally or not, at the same time as the study of mathematical probability in the mid-1600s. By the early 1700s,

Pets give companionship, cuddles, joy – and unavoidable stresses

Owning a pet can be a roller coaster. There are the highs, like when your dog greets you with a full-body wiggle when you return home, or when

When is it and how is it celebrated around Asia

The birthday of the historical Buddha or Shakyamuni Buddha, known as Vesak in several countries, celebrates the birth of the child who became Prince Siddhartha around the

Artists created images of Christ focused on reflecting different communities

In 1915, Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland, one of the most respected Scandinavian artists of his time, created an image of Christ with golden hair and fair skin.

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at 200: A revolutionary work of art

In early 1824, 30 members of Vienna’s music community sent a letter to Ludwig van Beethoven petitioning the great composer to reconsider his plans to premiere his latest

High interest rates aren’t going away anytime soon

The U.S. Federal Reserve held interest rates steady at its May 1, 2024, policy meeting, dashing the hopes of potential homebuyers and others who were hoping for a

Tiny crystals capture millions of years of mountain range history – the Himalayas

The Himalayas stand as Earth’s highest mountain range, possibly the highest ever. How did it form? Why is it so tall? You might think understanding big mountain

Where did Christian beliefs about Jesus’ resurrection come from?

As Easter approaches, Christians around the world begin to focus on two of the central tenets of their faith: the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

New studies suggest millions with mild cognitive impairment go undiagnosed

Mild cognitive impairment – an early stage of dementia – is widely underdiagnosed in people 65 and older. That is the key takeaway of two recent studies from

Can witches fly? Unpacking the medieval invention

The image of a witch flying on a broomstick is iconic, but it is not nearly as old as the idea of witchcraft itself, which dates to the

Wealthier, urban Americans have access to more local news – while half of US counties have only one outlet

Is local news readily available in your town? Do reporters still cover your school board and other municipal meetings? If you answered yes, you

Candidates’ aging brains are factors in US presidential race

The leading contenders in the 2024 U.S. presidential election are two of the three oldest people ever to serve as president. President Joe Biden is 81. Former President

It’s the Year of the Dragon − associated with good fortune, wisdom and success

Among China’s traditional holidays and celebrations, none ranks higher in importance than the Lunar New Year ‮٩‬A‮>‬ل‮٧‬s‮&‬~. Also known as the Spring Festival‭

Urban agriculture best practices can transform gardens, city-farms

Urban agriculture is expected to be an important feature of 21st century sustainability and can have many benefits for communities and cities, including providing  Among those benefits,

Teens on social media need both protection and privacy – AI could help get the balance right

Meta announced on Jan. 9, 2024, that it will protect teen users by blocking them from viewing content on Instagram and Facebook that the company deems to

From besting Tetris AI to epic speedruns – inside gaming’s most thrilling feats

After 13-year-old Willis Gibson became the first human to beat the original Nintendo version of Tetris, he dedicated his special win to his father, who passed away

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