Air pollution harms the brain and mental health, too

People who breathe polluted air experience changes within the brain regions that control emotions, and as a result, they may be more likely to develop anxiety and depression

Why will so many Americans be cheering the Queen?

Whether it is reporting the role of the Sex Pistols or that of the royal corgis, U.S. media has suddenly taken an interest in a peculiar four-day ceremony

The Asian Canadian gay activist whose theories on sexuality were decades ahead of their time

Laurie Marhoefer University of Washington Historians are rediscovering one of the most important LGBTQ activists of the early 20th Century – an Asian Canadian

Chinatowns more vibrant after pandemic, anti-Asian violence

The last week of April was a whirlwind for San Francisco’s Chinatown. The storied neighborhood debuted the “AAPI Community Heroes Mural,” a mostly black and

These energy innovations could transform how we mitigate climate change, and save money in the process

To most people, a solar farm or a geothermal plant is simply a power producer. Scientists and engineers see far more potential. They envision

Is Ukrainian a language or a dialect? That depends on whom you ask and how the war ends

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the number of people studying Ukrainian on Duolingo, a language learning website and mobile app, has increased

Will Smith’s slap shows ‘honor culture’ is alive and well

H. Colleen Sinclair Mississippi State University After witnessing the “slap heard around the world” during the 2022 Oscars, I wasn’t surprised when the internet split

Revolutionary changes in transportation, from electric vehicles to ride sharing, could slow global warming

University of California, Davis A round the world, revolutionary changes are under way in transportation. More electric vehicles are on the road, people are taking

Who is a better ally for the US – Russia or China?

Harvard University Forty-five years ago last February, U.S. President Richard Nixon returned from a visit to China that shocked the world and unsettled leaders

What is the new Covid-19 variant BA.2, and will it cause another wave of infections?

Prakash Nagarkatti University of South Carolina A new omicron subvariant of the virus that causes COVID-19, BA.2, is quickly becoming the predominant source of infections

THE CONVERSATION | Olympic skiers and snowboarders are competing on 100% fake snow – the science of how it’s made

The winter Olympics conjure up images of snowy mountain ranges, frozen ice rinks and athletes in cold-weather gear. And for good reason. Winter Olympic venues

THE CONVERSATION | Ski jump: Flying or falling with style?

If you or I jump in the air as high as possible, we can stay off the ground for about half a second. Michael Jordan

THE CONVERSATION | Ski jump: Flying or falling with style?

If you or I jump in the air as high as possible, we can stay off the ground for about half a second. Michael Jordan

THE CONVERSATION | Not everyone is male or female – the growing controversy over sex designation

Check out your birth certificate and surely you’ll see a designation for sex. When you were born, a doctor or clinician assigned you the “male”

THE CONVERSATION | What will 2022 bring in the way of misinformation on social media? 3 experts weigh in

At the end of 2020, it seemed hard to imagine a worse year for misinformation on social media, given the intensity of the presidential election and

The Conversation | Comic book introduces kids to key concepts and careers in cybersecurity

Three 9-year-old girls are huddled around a Caesar wheel, an ancient tool for sharing secret messages. Cracking a code is one of many challenges the

THE CONVERSATION | Are people lying more since the rise of social media and smartphones?

Technology has given people more ways to connect, but has it also given them more opportunities to lie? You might text your friend a white lie to get out of going

THE CONVERSATION | Many scientists are atheists, but that doesn’t mean they are anti-religious

Distrust of atheists is strong in the United States. The General Social Survey consistently demonstrates that as a group, Americans dislike atheists more than any other religious group. According to

THE CONVERSATION | A quick guide to climate change jargon

As a major U.N. climate conference gets underway on Oct. 31, 2021, you’ll be hearing a lot of technical terms tossed around: mitigation, carbon neutral, sustainable development. The language can

THE CONVERSATION | The future of work is hybrid

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Even before the pandemic, the U.S. workforce increasingly relied on remote collaboration technologies like videoconferencing and Slack. The global crisis accelerated the adoption of

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