HKZM Bridge traffic rules and parking details to be announced soon

The Commissioner-General of the Unitary Police Service (SPU) Ma Io Kun, was questioned by the media on the arrangements that would be made for the traffic and security measures that would be put in place during bad weather conditions for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau (HKMZ) Bridge. He said that, “We have a tripartite committee that in negotiating on those matters.” adding that the committee have placed priority on topics such as “traffic organization and arrangements and parking issues.” He noted that regarding the parking, “there will be a parking lot and at this moment it is expected that cars can park there. But we are still negotiating that,” he said, remarking that soon a policy will be published on those matters.

Advancing on the traffic arrangements, the Commissioner-General of the SPU said that, “cars when arriving from Zhuhai must stop in the parking lot [not circulate on the Macau roads].” He added that a similar procedure should be taken by the other neighboring regions [HK and Zhuhai].
According to Ma, the agreements are at a “final stage” since the measures will have to be published before the bridge opens, scheduled for later this year.

According to several sources from mainland, the HKZM Bridge is planned to be inaugurated on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Macau SAR on December 20.

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