Arts | Second ‘Y Show’ concludes

The second “Y Show,” the Macau Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, took place  place at the  Regency Art Hotel between July 13 and yesterday. The four-day exhibition included student works from five participating local universities and institutes, including the University of Macau, Macao Polytechnic Institute, and the University of Saint Joseph, among others.

Several overseas exhibitors also played a role, including the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Design Council of Hong Kong, the National Taiwan Normal University, the Kuwasawa Design School, and the Berlin University of the Arts, among other institutes.

In total, 113 pieces from local and overseas art graduates were showcased throughout the whole venue. The event was co- organized by Chiu Yeng Culture and Chiii Design.

Besides the exhibition, another key event was the “Enterprise Tour”, which invited international enterprises and designers to attend a tour led by professional designers, aiming to deepen the understanding between enterprises and younger creators, to directly provide a platform that may create job opportunities for design graduates.

This year, the show’s theme, blood, was focused on the students’ perspective, and represents the students’ efforts.

The second edition of the show also presented the Outstanding Award, to encourage and support young artists in their efforts. The winners were (in no particular order): Morito Kozuma; Luis Gabriel de Sales Marques; Ho Sze Yin Calvin; Wang Chenxu; Maiiko Leong; Zhou Yue Ying; Yolanda Fancy; Sacnite Tang; Marie Scheffzük and Chen Shenghao.

When talking to the media, Sabrina Ho, managing director of Chiu Yeng Culture, said “I think that both the students and enterprises need a platform to seek for new concepts and new blood.”

Ho said that this show offers a good environment for new university graduates looking for jobs.

“The enterprises’ design departments can really discuss with the students through this project,” said Ho, adding that “it will instigate better matches between enterprises and students.”

Sabrina Ho revealed that further plans for Y Show include an expansion to secondary education.

“The competition is fierce now, […] students should start, from middle school, thinking more actively, learning more and adding value to themselves,” declared Ho.


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