Briefs | Junket association calls for stricter requirements

Kwok Chi Chung, president of the Association of Gaming & Entertainment Promoters of Macau, has said that the MSAR government’s financial requirements for junket promoters are too low.  Kwok’s comment specifically targets the financial requirement for junket promoters, who only need to provide a total of MOP100,000 in deposits  to attain the status of junket promoter. Kwok insisted that “MOP100,000 for doing businesses in the order of billions is, of course, too low.” In Kwok’s opinion, requirements for junket promoters should be tightened, and the government should increase supervision over these gaming promoters. Specifically, Kwok would like to see  restrictions placed on the accounts holding the funds that junket promoters have raised to prevent theft.

CE appointed election accounting committee chairman

The Chief Executive has appointed prosecutor Kuok Kin Hong as the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Election Accounting Committee, according to a notice published yesterday in the Official Gazette. Along with prosecutor Kuok Kin Hong, lay prosecutor Ian Chi has also been appointed as a member of the committee. Of the two additional members, one will be assigned by the AL election committee, while the second one will be a secretary appointed by the committee’s chairman. According to the notice, this secretary does not have a voting right.

Fewer cars abandoned in parking lots

From January until June 30, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) found 133 private vehicles parked in the city’s public parking lots. During this period, 42 public parking lots were inspected by DSAT. The 133 vehicles included 11 motorbikes. Forty-seven car owners have already removed their vehicles from these parking lots, and have already settled the payments that were outstanding as a result of the vehicle abandonment. DSAT, in co-operation with the police force and parking lots management companies, have dispatched 59 cars to the government’s vehicle storage. The licenses of three cars were canceled and these cars are now a part of the property of the government. The total number of abandoned cars stands 20 percent less when compared to the same period of last year.

Half of students do less than half an hour of exercise per day

More than 50 percent of students are physically active for less than half an hour per day, according to a recent survey conducted by the Macau Youth Research Association. Nearly 30 percent of students, when reporting on their daily exercise habits, said that they work out for less than ten minutes. More than 80 percent said that they use the city’s public exercise facilities. The same group of students expressed their belief that Macau lacks facilities suitable for physical activities; they noted that the most demanding equipment or facilities are bicycle lanes, badminton courts, and water sports facilities. Sixty percent of students exercise by either walking or running.

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