CE continues to tour ‘Greater Bay’ cities

Chui Sai On shakes hands with the Mayor of Huizhou

delegation from the Macau government led by the Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On continues to tour cities that compose the “Greater Bay Area”, visiting Zhaoqing and Foshan on Monday, a statement from the Government Information Bureau informed.

According to the statement, the visits aim to gain insights into the development of those cities and their participation in the development of the Greater Bay Area, namely the so-called “Zhaoqing New Area” that the Macau delegation was briefed about.

About the opportunity, the CE stated, “Zhaoqing is the only city within the Greater Bay Area that serves as a gateway to southwest China,” also noting that “Zhaoqing and Macau maintain a close geographical, social and cultural relationship, and together, formed one of the earliest platforms for exchange between Chinese and Western cultures,” further calling for the broadening of such relations and co-operation between the two in several fields, including the economy, culture and tourism.

Regarding the advantages of development listed by the CE, Chui said that heritage, cultural and tourism resources, and other areas can be explored to further co-operation for future projects and implement innovative cooperation models.

On the other hand, both areas should leverage their respective advantages to boost co-operation with Portuguese-speaking countries, an advantage provided by Macau.

The CE also noted the need for joint efforts from Zhaoqing and Macau “to enhance environmental protection measures, in order to build a greener Greater Bay Area” as Zhaoqing is known for promoting developments which incorporate green concepts and aim to foster sustainable, low-carbon industries. The CE invited the People’s Government of Zhaoqing Municipality to organize delegations to visit Macau, and participate in the upcoming Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum (MIECF) and other related events with the aim of exploring new green business opportunities.

The delegation also toured Foshan, appreciating what is considered one of the most important manufacturing hubs in the Greater Bay Area.

Other areas where Macau and Foshan can deepen co-operation are education, culture, trade and technology, the CE said, further noting that the Macau government attaches great importance to co-operation on young entrepreneurship.

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