CRIME | Two blacklisted persons found over the weekend

THE Public Security Police Force (PSP) has found two blacklisted people dwelling in Macau. The two men, found in separate and unrelated situations, had both illegally entered the region because they were banned from entering for periods of two and three years, respectively, the PSP spokesperson said.

The first case occurred in the area of the Avenida de Horta e Costa, when PSP officers chased a man who rode his bicycle through a red light at an intersection. When asked to provide documents, the man admitted to the officers that he had entered Macau illegally from Zhuhai.

He stated that he had been helped by a man in Zhuhai who brought him to Macau by boat in exchange for RMB3,800.

He said that his purpose in entering the region was to find a job, but the police found in their records that he had been banned from entering Macau for a period of two years.

In the second case, the police said that a man was acting suspiciously in Rua de Foshan, where an officer asked him to provide documents. He tried to flee but was caught a few minutes later.

Upon questioning, he admitted to being in Macau illegally, saying that he entered the region by swimming from Hengqin Island to Coloane.

This second man was also banned from entering Macau for a period of three years. RM

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