Festival between China and Lusophone countries to be held next month

Portuguese ensemble Galandum Galundaina

The first edition of “Encounter in Macau – Arts and Cultural Festival between China and Portuguese- speaking Countries” will be held in July, and will feature activities such as a film festival.

The festival features 23 screenings of 24 films in three sections, namely “Films in Chinese”, “Films in Portuguese” and “Images, Macau”, as well as a series of related talks and post- screening sessions. It opens with the film ‘Wrath of Silence’, the latest production by emerging Chinese Director Xin Yukun, and closes with the first feature film ‘Aniki Bóbó’ and the first short documentary Douro, ‘Faina Fluvial’ by Portuguese film master Manoel de Oliveira.

According to a statement issued by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the organizer of the event, the program also includes three modern Chinese films and nine recent productions shot in Portuguese-
speaking countries; such as Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and other countries in Southern Africa. It will also screen nine films in Chinese and Portuguese shot in Macau between 1923 and 2015.

Another highlight of the program is the “China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Gala Performance,” which will be held on July 6 at the Macao Cultural Centre’s Grand Auditorium. It will feature the Gansu Performing Arts Troupe as well as various artists and groups from eight Portuguese-speaking countries, such as the Portuguese ensemble Galandum Galundaina.

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