Gov’t cracks down on illegal constructions

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has announced its intention to crack down on several illegal construction sites in Macau.

In a statement, the DSSOPT informed that the Permanent Inter-Departmental Working Group for Demolition and Vacating of Illegal Construction had recently taken steps to demolish clandestine construction operations located on the rooftop of two high-rise buildings in the Areia Preta District, as well as in Taipa.

The bureau explained that it had verified that these illegal structures consisted of a metal structure, roof with a net. It was ordered that the people responsible for creating the illegal structures were to immediately demolish them and restore the tampered rooftop areas in accordance with DSSOPT procedures.

However, as those responsible did not proceed with the removal within the required time period, the Group for Demolition and Vacating of Illegal Construction proceeded with the demolition at the end of last month.

DSSOPT has performed a similar process following a complaint received regarding a building located at Rua de Chaves in Taipa. A further inspection of the venue revealed that refurbishment works on the rooftop have been completed, including the buildup of a wall with a glass window and with a metallic awning covering.

Similarly to the first case, the Group for Demolition and Vacating of Illegal Construction proceeded with the demolition, which concluded at the end of March, as no response was received from the people responsible for the illegal construction.

The bureau also said that after the demolishing works concluded, it initiated the process to be refunded on the costs by the owners or responsible people for the works. The refund process will be handled by the Financial Services Bureau.
In the same statement, the DSSOPT called on all citizens to refrain from carrying out illegal works and stressed that it will closely continue to oversee all suspicious activities, especially any works that might obstruct firefighters and/or other rescue teams in emergency situations, or otherwise constitute a risk to public safety and hygiene.

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