Hengqin relaxes requirements for Macau vehicles

The Administration Committee of Hengqin New Area has reportedly approved an amendment to the regulation for Macau vehicles entering Hengqin, allowing more drivers from the SAR to take their vehicles into the neighboring region.

According to media reports, the Committee confirmed that requirements for local residents have been relaxed, allowing them to drive to Hengqin if they buy properties on the island. Local residents who are employed and pay social security there can also apply for permission to drive in the region.

Earlier this year, the Hengqin Free Trade Zone allowed a maximum of 800 Macau single-plated cars to enter the zone. This number is seven times more than it was previously.

Macau’s single-plated cars will also be exempted  from annual checks within the next six years.

The Guangdong Security Department previously announced 18 measures to assist the Greater Bay Area plan across six fields, including cooperation of security forces, border entry of people and vehicles, and skilled peoples’ residence in the three regions.

The Hengqin authorities are already printing and distributing the amendments.

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