Hong Kong | Official sees ‘most opportune time’ for foreign investors

Hong Kong predicts unprecedented business opportunities lying ahead in the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Bay Area, an official of the HKSAR said this week.

“This is the most opportune time for foreign investors to come and leverage Hong Kong’s advantages to drive business growth arising from these huge opportunities,” said Stephen Phillips, director-general of Hong Kong’s investment promotion department, according to Chinese state media outlet Xinhua.

The Belt and Road Initiative promotes long-term intercontinental connectivity, with the aim of giving rise to rewarding business prospects via new air, sea and land routes, additional ports, rails and roads connecting different regions, economic and trade pacts, and increased investment flow, Phillips said.

The official also remarked that the Bay Area might serve as a powerful connection point for the Belt and Road Initiative.

Through its “one country, two systems” arrangement, Hong Kong can help connect the country with the rest of the world, as well as transform the Bay Area into an international innovation and technology hub, he added.

The Hong Kong official is traveling to Japan and South Korea, where he is scheduled to speak at two upcoming seminars on Hong Kong’s role in the Bay Area.

He will also meet with local business leaders from a wide range of sectors to “update the local business communities on the opportunities Hong Kong has to offer in the Bay Area development,” Hong Kong’s investment promotion department said in a press release. MDT/Xinhua

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