MGTO: Non-gaming push aims to attract wider range of tourists to Macau

Tourists visiting Macau tend to be young and female, according to Cheng Wai Tong, deputy director of the Macau Government Tourism Office.

Cheng spoke at the Asia Pacific Responsible Gaming Forum yesterday about changes in Macau’s tourism demographics.

He said tourists from Greater China returning to Macau from January to May have rebounded to 80-90% of 2019 levels, while international visitors have recovered close to 70%, which is higher than last year, as cited in a TDM report.

The official subsequently pointed out that the bureau has identified a substantial number of the city’s tourist arrivals as being from the younger generation and female demographic.

Meanwhile, recovery in the international market is led by South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, reflecting Macau’s focus on attracting more international tourists in the second half of 2023.

Beyond gambling, Cheng noted tourists now come to Macau for diverse, non-gaming activities such as concerts, shopping, and in-depth local tours. As a result, authorities are promoting these tourist elements.

By diversifying its appeal, Macau aims to draw tourists across demographics as the enclave recovers its lucrative tourism industry from pandemic lows over the past two years.

Late last year, a research from travel agency giant Ctrip shows that Macau was among the most popular destinations for Chinese outbound travel.

Recently, Macau was the most satisfactory destination for outbound mainland travelers in the first quarter (Q1), the China Tourism Academy (CTA) has revealed.

While this trend is predicted to last, there is also a change in demographics.

Gaming operators have also observed that visitors are increasingly coming for shopping, diverse dining experiences and other forms of entertainment – unlike in the past where the primary reason for visiting was gambling. staff reporter

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