New benefits for  Macau, HK residents living in the mainland

The Chinese government is considering a series of new preferential policies for Hong Kong and Macau residents, according to an unidentified official at the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

The country’s official news agency has listed nearly 50 concerns of Hong Kong and Macau residents who live, study and work in mainland China, ranging from social insurance applications and education access to job opportunities and tourism services.

Under the new policy, if approved, Hong Kong and Macau residents working in the mainland will be granted equal rights to housing provident funds to help them purchase homes and settle down in the mainland.

Under current regulations, urban mainland residents and their employers pay a portion of their incomes into a housing provident fund to be eligible for low-interest housing loans. The fund can also be used for rent, renovations and major illnesses.

According to the statement, the mainland’s human resources authorities are also considering granting social security access to Hong Kong and Macau residents who live, work or study in the mainland.

The mainland also encourages Hong Kong and Macau residents to work in public institutions such as hospitals and universities, according to the official.

China Railway Corporation has also stated that Hong Kong and Macau residents traveling around mainland China can purchase and collect tickets via self-service machines in train stations across Beijing and Shanghai municipalities, as well as in Guangdong, Hunan and Fujian provinces, among others.

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