New Era and TCM to merge on August 1

Bus companies TCM and New Era will merge beginning August 1. The merged bus operator will remain named TCM, according Leong Mei Leng, General Manager of TCM.

Yesterday, Leong revealed that the merger will see all its relevant procedures completed by the end of this month.

According to Leong, besides the adoption of TCM as the name of the new company, the two companies’ entire fleet will be unified under the same TCM bus color.

Leong believes that the outcome of the merger is bigger than the sum of its parts.

She also claimed that the merger will not negatively impact current employees at both bus operators. Likewise, all bus routes run by TCM and New Era will remain unchanged.

In addition, TCM and New Era have already installed network nodes on 136 buses, which will allow the supervision and recording of traffic data.

The network nodes will also reportedly be able to identify a total of 36 unsafe driving behaviors, including speeding and sudden acceleration.

The nodes are said to correct the poor driving habits of some bus drivers. In the past, over 50 bus drivers have received training due to bad driving habits.

Moreover, this week, TCM will introduce two sets of auxiliary braking systems which will stop the vehicle automatically in an emergency.

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