Taste of Edesia | Comfort food à la française

The wait for the reopening of one of the most traditional French restaurants in town is over. Aux Beaux Arts, the French brasserie of MGM MACAU, has returned. Reminiscent of of an old-world establishment, the dining room is full of guests savouring French classics from the North of the country to the South, a gastronomic experience that comprises of fresh products, high quality ingredients, and the finest techniques.
Bringing back the traditions and heritage of French cooking complimented by innovative and contemporary savoir-faire, the menu begins with Aux Beaux Arts’ rendition of the staple Southern French dish “Salade Niçoise” with confit fatty tuna belly and crisp greens, presenting flavours of the Mediterranean. The signature “Seafood Platter” features lobsters, oysters, king crabs, shrimps and other fresh seafood, delivers freshness from the sea straight to the table, and pairs nicely with a glass of champagne or white wine.
“Vol-au-Vent”, a traditional French delicacy once served only to the royalty, is now a classic of cuisine bourgeoise. Inside the rounded fluffy case of puff pastry are foie gras, fresh lobster meat and seasonal greens, all soaked in a rich lobster sauce to bring out umami flavours from the land and the sea. The time-honoured classic Parisian “Steak Frites” with Bearnaise Sauce is recreated by combining perfectly grilled skirt steak, chosen for its lean cut with bursting flavours suitable for a French butchery standard, with homemade Bearnaise and French fries.
At the end of the meal, diners discover a sweet, buttery aroma from the showstopper “Crêpes Suzette”, flambé table-side. These classic crêpes are coated in a warm, velvety caramel sauce and finished with a shower of citrus zesting. Irene Sam, MDT


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