Alipay HK and WeChat Pay HK now accepted in local stores

Mainland China’s mobile and online payment platform Alipay HK, together with WeChat Pay HK, can now be used at the city’s Macau Pass terminals across retail outlets in the Macau SAR.

“To promote the economic development of local merchants in Macau after the Covid-19 epidemic and enhance the experience of overseas tourists, Macau Pass and Alipay HK and WeChat Pay HK’s cross-border mobile payment cooperation has been officially opened,” local firm Macau Pass S.A. announced.

These digital payment platforms have acquired regulatory approval from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which authorizes them to facilitate mobile-based payments and peer-to-peer transactions for residents.

“Macau Pass hopes to provide Hong Kong visitors with a convenient electronic payment and consumption experience in Macau, promote spending by visitors to Macau, bring business opportunities to local merchants in Macau, and accelerate the economic recovery after the epidemic has eased.”

As reported last month, Macau Pass is the most widely installed e-payment method in supermarkets and convenience stores in Macau.

Some 92% of the shops – in a survey conducted among 176 shops – accepted Macau Pass as a means of transaction. The second most popular e-payment method is AliPay, with about 91% of the surveyed shops accepting it. WeChat Pay has an acceptance rate of 74% across the responding stores. LV

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