Briefs | PSP catches 41 illegal workers in April

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) says that it has caught 41 illegal workers in April, in joint operations launched by the PSP, the Labor Affairs Bureau and other government departments. In a statement issued yesterday, the police authority said that 283 locations were inspected last month with the aim of combating instances of illegal workers. The locations of inspection consisted of construction sites, private residences, commercial and industrial establishments.

Marriages with foreign nationals continue to decline

Mainland China has processed fewer marriage registrations between residents and non-mainland Chinese residents. According to a report by Macao Daily News, there has been a continuous decline in the number of marriages registered from 2014 until June 2016. Comparing the first three quarters of 2016 to the same period in 2015, a one percent decrease was recorded, which corresponds to approximately 29,400 marriage registrations between mainland Chinese and non-mainland Chinese nationals. Guangdong Province also recorded a drop in the number of marriage registrations between Guangdong residents and SARs’ residents.

Speeding increases by 60 percent

As of yesterday, until May 27, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) is enhancing actions to combat speeding. According to the PSP’s Traffic Department Commissioner, Leong Wa Chi, in the first four months of this year, the PSP prosecuted approximately 7,200 speeding cases, which represents an over 60 percent increase year on year. During this seven-day period, the PSP will carry out mobile speeding tests without a fixed time schedule and location. Throughout the seven-day period, the PSP hopes to reduce speeding cases and  the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Region has 27 banks, more than 6,000 employees

A total of 27 banks operate within the MSAR, with 6,239 full-time employees as at the end of the first quarter of this year, the Statistics and Census Service announced yesterday. The average earnings excluding bonuses of full-time employees in the banking sector amounts to MOP26,630, up by 2.3 percent year-on-year, with the average earnings of bank tellers increasing by 7.3 percent to MOP16,500. In terms of recruitment prerequisites for the banking sector, about 58.9 percent of the vacancies required work experience, approximately 97.8 percent required tertiary education, and a requirement for knowledge of Mandarin and English, which accounted for 97.6 percent and 98.3 percent respectively. At the end of the first quarter of 2018, job vacancies in the banking sector stood at 414, an increase of 169 from last year. 

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