The Buzz | 92-year-old man found dead in Sai Van lake

A 92-year-old local male resident was found dead in Sai Van Lake in Macau yesterday, according to a report by TDM. The Judiciary Police (PJ) has preliminarily confirmed that there are no suspicious causes behind the death.

According to the PJ, on Monday afternoon, the late man left his home alone and could not be contacted afterward. Then, early yesterday morning at around 1 a.m., a friend of the late man, went to search for the elderly resident in the vicinity of Sai Van Lake, having spotted his friend’s crutch. He subsequently found a dead body floating in the lake, and reported it to the police.

The Fire Services Bureau and the Customs Service confirmed the man’s death upon arriving at the scene.

According to the PJ, no suspicious injuries which might have caused the death were discovered. The case is being followed up by the PJ’s investigation department.

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