Canidrome will be used for education and sports, CE reaffirms

Yesterday at the Legislative Assembly (AL), when replying to questions from lawmaker Ma Chi Seng, Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On confirmed information that had been revealed by Sports Bureau vice president Allen Lau several weeks ago. The government will not grant the land plot of the former Canidrome, including the Lin Fong Sports Center, to parties for any commercial or gaming activities.

“I can assure that we will not authorize [the land]    for any commercial things or gaming use,” Chui said, adding, “this land will be applied for school usage and sports facilities and not for commercial purposes. The study was already concluded and a report already delivered to the Secretary [for Transport and Public Works] Raimundo do Rosário and soon will reach the Urban Planning Committee for further discussion.”

According to Chui, approximately “20 to 30 percent [of the area] will be granted to schools in order to improve the environment and conditions of some school [institutions] located nearby.”

As for the remaining 70 to 80 percent, Chui said, “We will continue to use it for sports purposes. […] We are going to use the underground spaces to build some facilities like a tank for water retention, included in the flooding preventions plan.” He noted that the sports facilities in the venue would continue to be open for residents’ use, as “it is very difficult to find another land plot in the northern district with such size and characteristics.”

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