Reciprocal arrival measures justified

Authoritative medical experts from different countries have said that entry restrictions on travelers arriving from the Chinese mainland, or with any travel history there within seven days, are

Stronger China-Brazil relations have rich connotations

The presence of Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan, as a special representative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the inauguration ceremony of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

New stage for control of Covid-19

Starting from Jan 8 next year, COVID-19 will be managed as a Category B infectious disease rather than as Category A, the National Health Commission said in a

Gravitational pull from demand boost

Now that the strict pandemic prevention and control restrictions have been dramatically eased, both domestic and international projections indicate the Chinese economy will embrace a strong momentum of

Rural areas need to be prepared for infection surge

The upcoming Spring Festival travel rush is causing additional concern that with the optimizing of the prevention and control measures the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus may

Hiccups of optimized control measures treatable

Prompting sighs of relief from residents, who have long endured frequent testing and the anxious wait for a green health code, the adjustment of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention

Nation contributes to biodiversity via COP 15

Because of human activities, species are disappearing from the planet with alarming rapidity, at 50 to 100 times the historical rate. But while the loss of individual species

Jiang Zemin’s legacy inspiration for nation on path to modernization

Jiang Zemin passed away in Shanghai on Nov 30 at the age of 96. The profound outpouring of grief by the nation speaks volumes of the late

People-first should be guide for any adjustment of Covid policy

“We are much closer to being able to say that the emergency phase of the pandemic is over – but we’re not there yet.” That’s the core

Meeting reinforces China-EU cooperation crucial to safeguard European interests

President Xi Jinping’s appeal that the European Union strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination with China and jointly foster new growth engines should have made visiting European Council President Charles

Tiangong space station open to world

After years of efforts, China’s space station will soon be fully operational. Over the past 19 years, from China’s first manned space mission Shenzhou V to the

Sunak should not let US dim ‘golden era’

While the members of the European Union have become increasingly aware of the nature of the US administration’s invitation for its allies to help it contain China, as

Keep broader picture of virus fight in mind

After fighting with the novel coronavirus for three years, the world has not yet seen the light at the end of the tunnel. During that time the virus

Unbiased approach key to pragmatism

Amid the feverish Western clamor for an overhaul of economic and trade ties with China, Germany is making tentative moves toward a reset. This is likely to prove

China-Philippines relations not defined by maritime dispute

It is to be hoped that the Joe Biden administration is not trying to stir up the embers of the South China Sea disputes, as part of its efforts

People’s support key to prevention and control

The guidance and work plans regarding nucleic acid tests, the demarcation of COVID-19 risk areas, home quarantine and medical observation issued by the State Council on Monday are

Strategic autonomy key to France, EU

President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday vowed to bolster communication and coordination in response to global challenges ranging from climate change to food security.

Cautious optimism that co-existence possible

Briefing the media on Monday on the outcome of the first in-person meeting between President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, which wrapped up earlier that day

G20 Summit a chance to recalibrate Sino-US ties

The international community hopes the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on Tuesday and Wednesday will help ease global troubles by addressing burning issues such as how to safeguard

Carbon mechanisms should serve emissions fight

In 2009, in the Copenhagen Accord, the developed countries made a commitment to allocate $100 billion annually by 2020 to help developing countries address the impacts of climate

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