Crime | Mainland men lost HKD200,000 to casino fraud

Three mainland men were cheated out of HKD200,000 by a mainland man who claimed to be a junket promoter in Macau, the PJ announced yesterday.

The incident occurred on March 31, when the three mainland victims met a 32-year-old mainland resident, surnamed Song, in the mainland, prior to their trip to Macau.

Song told the three men that he was a junket promoter in Macau, and he could change casino chips for them to gamble in Macau’s casinos if they were willing to give him cash. Song also told the three men that when they arrived in Macau, he could also provide free accommodation and food for them. Song claimed he could even offer free flights to the three men to visit Macau.

The three mainland men, on March 31, entered Macau from the mainland, following the suspect.

Song, together with his partner who is still on the run, arranged hotels for the three men in a hotel in Cotai. Altogether, they gave Song HKD200,000 immediately after they arrived in Macau.

Song and his partner took the three men out for dinner in a restaurant in Zona Nova de Aterros do Porto Exterior after the three victims gave him their money.

After eating, Song and the other suspect said that they would go to the casinos to change chips for the three men. However, the pair never returned.

The three then reported the incident to the Public Security Police Force (PSP), who forwarded the case to the PJ.

On July 12, Song was arrested while he was entering Macau through the border gate. He admitted that he had assisted the other suspect in defrauding the three victims.

According to Song, he got HKD10,000 from the total amount the three men gave him.

The PJ is currently investigating the second suspect who is still on the run. Song has already been forwarded to the prosecution authority.

Woman presents false claim to police

A mainland woman was arrested for making false reports to the police, the Judiciary Police (PJ) announced at a press conference yesterday.

The case traces back to July 10 of this year, when the 33-year-old female suspect, surnamed Wang, entered Macau for tourism purposes. The woman, who is an unemployed mainland resident from Jiangxi province, met a mainland man through a mobile chatting application on July 15.

Together they reached the agreement that the man would give the woman HKD2,000 in tips if she provided sex services to him. After being serviced, the man left the woman without paying.

The woman then reported him to the PJ, saying that her mobile phone had been stolen. The fake report was placed in the hope that the police could help her catch the man, and in turn help her get the promised HKD2,000.

The police, through their investigation, collected sufficient evidence indicating that the woman had committed a crime by submitting a false report. The woman is currently under arrest. The PJ has forwarded her case to the prosecution authority.

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