Crime | Man arrested for luxury products scam


A man has been arrested by the Judiciary Police (PJ) for allegedly scamming others out of millions, claiming he and his wife were selling luxury products at a discounted price. Police are still attempting to locate his wife.
The suspects contacted multiple victims using various forms of communication, such as mobile instant communication applications, as well as by impersonating staff of duty-free shops, casino VIP rooms, and luxury stores.
The couple made victims believe they had the ability to sell countless luxury products at promotional prices, namely watches, skincare products, and new smartphones, as well as offering more favorable rates for currency exchange.
According to the PJ’s spokesperson, Chong Kam Leong, the suspects would only deliver half of the victims’ order after they transferred the money, and would defer the shipment of the other half with excuses.
“The suspect had transferred the money he scammed to the mainland to other victims, creating the impression that he was capable of ordering the products or conducting currency exchange,” said Chong, as cited in a TDM report.
“It’s also [been] discovered that the suspect, surnamed Yang, had transferred the money to different mainland bank accounts after receiving it via AliPay, to cover up the source and the illegal intent, and evade our bureau’s investigation,” he added. Staff reporter

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