Grand Prix | Mclaren F1 junior Norris expresses intention to return to Macau

Lando Norris

After finishing second in the Macau Grand Prix’s F3 race, 18-year-old British racing driver Lando Norris expressed his wish to return for the 2018 GP.

The European Formula 3 champion, already has his foot in the door to the Formula 1 grade – he is the reserve driver for McLaren and is poised to move into Formula 2 or Super Formula next year. However, he told Autosport that he wants to return to compete in the Guia Circuit.

“Next year is a long way away and it will have different drivers in it next year, so it is hard to say if I will come back. But it is something I want to do,” said Norris.

Norris also expressed his disappointment in placing second, knowing that he had the perfect opportunity to win the GP. He started the main race ahead of his fellow Brit Dan Ticktum – who ultimately won the F3 race.

“I came to Macau to win, and in some ways I didn’t prepare for it as much as I should have done and maybe I could have done – because I was focusing on other things,” Norris said.

“There is no reason I shouldn’t have won. I think we just didn’t put it all together as well as we should havwe done or could have done. But finishing second I think is not too bad,” he continued.

Norris also noted that some teams adapted to the tires better, an area in which his team struggled.

“So maybe next year, if I do come back and we are on the same tires, we can work more to having better tire life at the end of the race.”

The public saw Ticktum win during Sunday’s race despite starting in the eighth position from the starting grid. The eventful race saw leaders Sérgio Sette Câmara and Carlin’s Ferdinand Habsburg crash meters before the finish line.

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