HK tourists contract food poisoning at Galaxy

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of Hong Kong reported six cases of food poisoning in Hong Kong residents., thought to be linked to Festiva restaurant at Galaxy Macau.

A statement released by CHP says that the bureau is “investigating a suspected outbreak of food poisoning in a tour group and hence urged the public to maintain good personal, food and environmental hygiene to prevent food-borne diseases.”

“The outbreak affected six members of the tour group, comprising two men and four women aged from 44 to 80, who developed abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting 14 to 40 hours after their lunch buffet in a restaurant in a hotel in Macau on August 13.”

The alleged food poisoning symptoms were detected after the group of people dined at Festiva, at Galaxy Macau.

The stool specimen of one patient tested positive for vibrio phrahaemolyticus, a type of bacteria that causes gastro-
intestinal illness.

Three of the afflicted sought medical attention in Hong Kong and required no hospitalization. All are in a stable condition.

“Investigations are ongoing. We are maintaining close liaisons with the travel agent concerned and have informed the health authority of Macau for follow-up,” stated CHP.

According to a report by HK01, there were between 160 and 170 people in the tour group.

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