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Imperial Flair

Chinese New Year is within the month of January. Traditionally, Cantonese cuisine is the first choice for this holiday season and Imperial Court at MGM Macau is one of Macau’s culinary crown jewel as it offers Cantonese fine dining traditions with a modern twist. Behind the kitchen, Chef Homan Tsui is responsible for a menu that exemplifies the very best classic Cantonese fare. With over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, he has worked at numerous reputable Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, where he has honed his skills for the much sought-after Cantonese cuisine. Chef Tsui has also garnered numerous awards across different industry competitions.

The meal starts with the double boiled Braised Abalone and Shredded Chicken with Saffron Chicken Broth. It unleashes all the premium ingredient’s nutrition into a bowl of nourishing soup. Another classic house specialty is Wok-fried French Blue Lobster with Minced Pork, Black Bean and Garlic. The premium blue lobster is cooked with traditional Cantonese cooking combination of wok-fried technique with garlic and black beans. The dish is also served with creamy scrambled eggs that is elevated by the freshness coming from the lobster. There are also dishes with modern twists that entice the diner but stay true to the essence of the original. Crispy Skin Chicken with Flaxseed is Imperial Court’s reinvention of a classic Cantonese dish. The chicken is air-dried for half a day, crisped up in hot oil and with the combination of nutritious flaxseed which makes the chicken even crisper than the traditional ones.

Imperial Court is both local and international true connoisseurs’ favourite to classic and luxurious Cantonese cuisine. Private dining rooms offer guests the opportunity to share an intimate meal or celebration in glamour. It is a popular destination for family gatherings, perfect for Chinese New Year.

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