Macau enters ‘immediate prevention status’ after a family of four tested positive

As of 3 p.m. today (Tuesday), Macau entered the “immediate prevention status” — soon after the government reported that a family of four locals tested positive in the afternoon.
Given the cases, the government proclaimed that Macau is now facing an “extremely high” contagion risk within the local community.
To prevent the spread of the pandemic in Macau, a set of mandates has been enforced, including the requirement of all people leaving Macau to present a negative Covid-19 testing proof conducted within 24 hours since today’s afternoon and classifying the residential building the family inhabited in as “red-code zone,” in which all the inhabitants there are not allowed to leave the area until they test negative for Covid-19 and further notice.
It is highly suspected that the daughter of the family was the origin of the group infection, Leong Iek Hou, coordinator at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in today’s Covid-19 media briefing.
The daughter went to Xi’an from Zhuhai via flight CZ3761, together with 29 other members, to engage in dancing exchange activities organized by the Hou Kong Dance Group on July 19.
It’s found that the flight she took was associated with the two confirmed cases reported earlier in Zhuhai and Zhongshan. Both were found connected to the mainland’s new Covid-19 epicenter at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Director of the Health Bureau (SSM) Alvis Lo said.
The daughter developed symptoms, like coughing, and loss of senses of taste and smell, on July 22 in Xi’an, but had not sought any medical service. She went to Zhuhai from Xi’an via flight CZ 3762 and returned to Macau on the same day on July 25.
Later on July 28, the son of the family developed fever, and found himself losing senses of taste and smell the next day.
It seems that the virus had been transmitted to their parents, the 51-year-old father and 43-year-old mother, who developed similar symptoms on August 1 and 2, respectively. All of the four family members tested positive for Covid-19.
The father works as a driver of the Health Bureau, whilst the mother worked in a fruit stall at Rua da Emenda.
The government identified 29 other members of Hou Kong Dance Group, 3 other staff in the fruit stall the mother worked at, and 6 other people who underwent the covid-19 test at the same time with the parents in Zhuhai as close contacts with the family. The government is arranging covid-19 tests for these relevant individuals.
Starting from now, the city’s five covid-19 test centers will operate 24 hours. The government calls on all residents who developed symptoms to seek medical service and conduct a covid-19 test as soon as possible.

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