Marine and Water Bureau monitoring HKZMB shuttle bus fare

The Director of the Marine and Water Bureau, Susana Wong, said her bureau is paying close attention to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge’s (HKZMB) shuttle bus fare.

The Hong Kong transportation authority reportedly indicated that a single shuttle bus ride along the HKZMB will cost less than HKD100.

The number of passengers taking ferries between Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai is accordingly expected to decrease with the entry of the competitive service.

Wong said that her bureau has been communicating with ferry operators, who have plans to adjust ferry schedules and frequency of ferries.

Wong also said that the bureau will closely monitor the situation once the HKMZB opens.

She believes that the Taipa Ferry Terminal will continue to serve other clients that cannot use road-based transportation services. For example, she expects that the terminal might be used for sightseeing boats in the future.

According to the Hong Kong media, the HKZMB’s dedicated shuttle bus operator is required to provide between 90 and 140 shuttle buses daily, with another 30 on standby. Even after including the bridge toll fee – estimated to cost between MOP5 and MOP12 – the fare for a single ride will be less than HKD100.

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