More illegal smokers prosecuted

During the first seven months of this year, the Health Bureau (SSM) inspectors, together with the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, have conducted a total of 512 inspections in casinos. According to a statement released by SSM, the number of charges related to illegal smokers increased 111.4 percent year on year.

The inspections resulted in a total of 964 prosecutions. The data indicates that 910 of the culprits (94.4 percent of the total) were male and 54 were female. Around 88 percent of them were tourists, 11.8 percent were Macau residents, and 0.1 percent were non-resident workers.

During the same period, SSM carried out a total of 208,373 inspections, representing a daily average of 983 inspections.

The inspections resulted in a total of 3,196 charges, including 3,185 cases of illegal smoking, seven cases of illegal labeling of tobacco products, and four cases of illegal sales of tobacco products.

The number of people who have been accused of illegally smoking decreased 29.1 percent to 1,309, of which 1,065 (93.1 percent) were male, 220 (6.9 percent) were female, 2,025 (63.6 percent) were tourists, 1,065 (33.4 percent) were Macau residents, and 95 (3 percent) were non-resident workers.

In 88 cases, police assistance was required, with officers being called to the scene.

Most of the incidents (964) were detected in casinos, 402 in parks, gardens and recreation areas and 304 in bus and taxi stands.

According to the SSM, 82.8 percent of the smokers have already paid their fines.

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