One-year-old girl tests positive for Covid-19

A one-year-old Macau resident tested positive for Covid-19 this weekend, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre has informed. The infection is classified as a relapse case, as the child was previously diagnosed outside the territory.

The patient had been under medical observation with her mother after flying in from Malaysia, where they were living. The one-year-old girl had developed symptoms and was diagnosed with Covid-19 on September 23 in Malaysia.

The mother and daughter undertook a nucleic acid test (NAT) on November 23 before traveling to Macau, the results of which came back negative. The next day, the pair departed Malaysia and came to Macau via Singapore. Upon arrival, they were subject to a NAT, which also came back negative.

Following this, they were sent to the Public Health Clinic in Coloane to undergo medical observation. During their quarantine period, all seven NAT results came back negative. Another test done on Monday, December 6, returned a weak positive result.

Since the case was previously diagnosed outside of the territory and the girl is not presenting with Covid-19 symptoms, this was classified as a relapse case and has not been included in local case statistics. Staff reporter

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