Letter to the Editor

Rabies in Coloane

Dear Editor,

This letter is to call your attention to the issue of the exploding population of wild dogs and the packs now roaming the hills in Coloane.

Whilst this problem may be seen as a growing inconvenience, it is a time bomb with the potential to affect the entire economy of Macau. If a single case of Rabies found its way into the canine population, not only would the government have a major health disaster on its hands, but it’s quite possible that all domesticated dogs would also have to be destroyed.

The wild dogs currently roam and breed freely on the hills of Coloane, and walking a domestic dog on the trail is now a dangerous activity. I have twice been attacked by packs of dogs whilst walking my own small dog, and was lucky enough to be able to fend of the attack. However, there will come a time when a child or less physically able adult will be injured in such an attack, it’s only a question of when.

The problem is spiraling out of control, and in other areas of potential health threats the government continues to take the safety of its citizens very seriously. Why the threat of potential Rabies outbreak and it’s consequences for Macau has not been addressed remains a mystery, but nevertheless I ask that it be weighed up and acted upon by the authorities before we have a major health issue on our hands again.

Thank you.

A concerned citizen

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