Ukraine drops nonaligned status

The Ukrainian president yesterday signed a bill dropping his country’s nonaligned status but signaled that he will hold a referendum before seeking NATO membership. The bill, which Parliament adopted last week

Ukraine | Parliament says 100s died in battle

A report by Ukraine’s parliament revealed yesterday that more than 300 soldiers were killed during a weeks-long battle that marked a crushing setback in the military campaign to root out

UKRAINE CRISIS | Truce still shaken by fighting after no-fire zone set

Ukraine’s truce was shaken further by battles after the government and pro-Russian separatists agreed to create a buffer zone to strengthen the pact. Rebels continued to shell government troops and the

UKRAINE | Parliament ratifies EU deal, grants rebels autonomy

Ukraine’s parliament ratified an agreement to deepen economic and political ties with the European Union yesterday, and passed legislation to grant autonomy to the rebellious east as part of a peace

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