Coutinho doubtful Ho Iat Seng will make senior officials more accountable

As the time approaches for sole Chief Executive candidate Ho Iat Seng to step into office, José Pereira Coutinho hopes that the new government can

The protest that never was | Tense police presence in Senado Square clamps down on any signs of activity

Macau security forces deployed at least six police minibuses as well as dozens of officers - some uniformed and others wearing plain clothes - to prevent

Taiwan universities want more students from Macau

The number of Hong Kong and Macau students studying in Taiwan has been decreasing over the past four years, and Taiwanese universities are calling on their

From Indonesia to Macau: the adventures and misfortunes of a migrant worker

Few families and companies in Macau can say that they do not rely on the help of non-resident workers, in one way or another. Seeking to

China figures Shenzhen for ‘socialist demonstration area’

Beijing is planning to develop the neighboring city of Shenzhen into a pilot demonstration area for socialism with Chinese characteristics, according to state media. Shenzhen

Property market active as transaction volume doubles

According to the stamp duty record, the number and value of property and parking spaces sold in Macau during the second quarter of this year has

IPIM-approved residency permits drop in first half of 2019

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) approved just six residency permits for technical immigration (mainly in the financial services and education sectors) during the

New Macau faces cyberattacks, threats due to voting activity

Local pro-democracy group New Macau Association (ANM) said that the website where it has been conducting its voting activities on universal suffrage has been subject to cyberattacks and that

Administrative reform is priority for Ho Iat Seng’s incoming government

Macau’s administrative reform is the top-most priority for the incoming government, said the sole Chief Executive candidate, Ho Iat Seng, on Saturday in an interview with

Four bureaus monitoring cholera situation at Cheoc Van

Following reports late last month on the detection of cholera bacteria in the waters of Cheoc Van Beach, the Times has inquired with four government

Courts | TSI denies appeal in paternity case

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has rejected the appeal of a man who was attributed the legal paternity of a 16-year-old boy born in Taiwan by

Senado Square assembly called off by police

An assembly at Senado Square in central Macau called for Monday August 19 has been refused authorization by the Public Security Police Force (PSP) for “not

Macanese gathering to welcome over 1,000 overseas participants

This year’s Meeting of the Macanese Communities will see a record attendance of over 1,000 participants from outside of Macau, according to the president of the

Hong Kong | Hotels in crisis as protests deter Chinese tourists

Hong Kong’s hotel industry is struggling with a collapse in bookings after thousands of protesters shut down flights from the territory’s airport this week in an escalation

PSP confirms call to protest HK police action in Senado Square

The Public Security Police Force has confirmed the existence of a poster that has been circulating on social media since yesterday morning, calling on the public to

Survey shows new immigrants have low participation in local society

A survey published by two local associations has shown that the city’s new immigrants struggle to “participate in local society” as a measure of integration in Macau,

Gov’t hopes participation in National Games will ‘build bridges’

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam said yesterday that he hopes the participation of a Macau delegation in the 10th National Games for Persons with

Gaming | Analysis Macau too crowded for more casinos?

Little information is expected from the administration on the future of Macau gaming before incumbent Chief Executive Chui Sai On hands over the keys to

As seen from the mainland | ‘I, too, support the Hong Kong police’ leads social media response

In the well, Taiwan wants independence; in the dream, Hong Kong wants democracy; being sober, Macau is dealing the cards,” goes a joke that has spread

China refuses US warships Hong Kong port call amid tensions

China has refused port visits to Hong Kong by two U.S. warships amid continued trade tensions and diplomatic spats between the two sides over

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