The Buzz | North Korea says it’s sending soldiers to joint border sites

North Korea said yesterday that it will send soldiers to now-shuttered inter-Korean cooperation sites in its territory and reinstall guard posts and resume military exercises at front-line areas, nullifying tension-reducing deals reached with South Korea just two years ago.
The announcement is the latest in a series provocations North Korea has taken in what experts believe are calculated moves to apply pressure on Seoul and Washington amid stalled nuclear negotiations. On Tuesday, the North destroyed an empty inter-Korean liaison office in its territory.
The South Korean unification minister has offered his resignation over the sharp rise in tensions with the North.
Kim Yeon-chul said he took responsibility for the worsening of inter-Korean relations.
Earlier yesterday, Pyongyang explained why it blew up the office in Kaesong.
A state media article accused the South of breaking 2018 agreements and behaving like a “mongrel dog” – while the sister of Kim Jong-un accused the South’s president of being a US “flunkey”.

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