The Buzz | At least 39 injured in knife attack at China kindergarten

A school security guard injured at least 39 people in a knife attack at a kindergarten in southern China yesterday morning, state media reported. The motive remains unknown. The attack was

The Buzz | Hong Kong can get US dollars from China if needed, says financial chief

China’s central bank can provide U.S. dollars to back Hong Kong’s currency peg should the Trump administration impose sanctions on the territory, according to the city’s financial chief. The dollar peg

The Buzz | Get ready for Hollywood movie scenes where nobody’s touching

It’s the ultimate rewrite. To restart halted productions while protecting against the coronavirus, Hollywood heavyweights are recommending that scripts be changed to minimize touching - and that filmmakers use computer-generated images

The Buzz | SpaceX’s historic encore: Astronauts arrive at space station

SpaceX delivered two astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA on Sunday, following up a historic liftoff with an equally smooth docking in yet another first for Elon Musk’s

The Buzz | 13 years a Times: the ‘teens’

Thirteen years ago, only someone with a crystal ball would have been able to predict how the year 2020 would turn out. Macau practically isolated from Hong Kong and Guangdong, with

The Buzz | South Africa eases bans on alcohol sales, church services

The South African government says it will allow people to buy alcohol and attend church services starting Monday as part of its phased relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown. Both activities will

The Buzz | Poll: Half of Americans would get a COVID-19 vaccine

Only about half of Americans say they would get a Covid-19 vaccine if the scientists working furiously to create one succeed, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center

The Buzz | Minister quits UK government over aide’s lockdown breach

A junior British government minister quit yesterday over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s failure to fire his top aide for allegedly breaching coronavirus lockdown rules. Johnson has stood by Dominic Cummings over

The Buzz | TDM top official to retire September 1

The Executive Committee Chairman of public broadcaster TDM, Manuel Gonçalves Pires Júnior, has submitted a request for retirement starting September 1. His coming retirement indicates a successor will likely be

The Buzz | Macau warns of toxic mold in fruit juice

A brand of bottled fruit juice made in Hong Kong has been contaminated by patulin, a toxin produced by mold, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) of Macau has warned. The

The Buzz | Wildlife consumption ban in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic

The central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus pandemic originated last year, has issued a total ban on the hunting, breeding and human consumption of wild animals. That is

The Buzz | Taiwan President Tsai takes stock of pandemic

Taiwan’s president said the coronavirus pandemic has changed the global political and economic order, accelerated and expanded the reorganization of global supply chains, restructured the global economy, and changed the

The Buzz | Civic group: Mexico City virus deaths three times those reported

A registry of death certificates in Mexico City suggests there were 4,577 cases where doctors mentioned coronavirus or COVID-19 as a possible or probable cause of death, more than three

The Buzz | Official: FBI finds link between Pensacola gunman, al-Qaida

The FBI has found a link between the gunman in a deadly attack at a military base last December and an al-Qaida operative, a U.S. official said yesterday. Attorney General William

The Buzz | Officials: Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead in home

The Chinese ambassador to Israel was found dead in his home north of Tel Aviv yesterday, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said. No cause of death was given and Israeli police said it

The Buzz | Reports: Chinese Super League set to kick off in late June

The Chinese Super League is reportedly set to kick off in the last week of June, two weeks after lower-tier leagues are scheduled to begin in the wake of the

The Buzz | Mexico finds 15,000 turtles in crates bound for China

Mexican authorities said yesterday they have seized a shipment of 158 wooden crates bound for China containing about 15,000 fresh-water turtles, some of them endangered. The environmental prosecutors’ office said

The Buzz | Coronavirus: Wuhan draws up ‘10-day battle’ plan to test all 11 million residents

Wuhan is drawing up plans to test its entire population of 11 million people for Covid-19, state media report. The plan appears to be in its early stages, with all districts

The Buzz | Hong Kong police arrest more than 200 in renewed protests

More than 200 people were arrested during anti-government protests in Hong Kong on Sunday night, police said yesterday, as authorities seek to prevent a revival of last year’s massive demonstrations,

The Buzz | Colombian company creates bed that can double as coffin

A Colombian advertising company is pitching a novel if morbid solution to shortages of hospital beds and coffins during the coronavirus pandemic: combine them. ABC Displays has created a cardboard bed

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