Young entrepreneurs explore development in Shunde

A delegation of young entrepreneurs from the Youth Committee of the Industrial Association of Macau have paid a visit to nearby Shunde City to gain exposure to the development of diversified industries.
During the visit, Fong Son Kin, director-general of the association, commented that the current pandemic has put the weakness of Macau as a focused economy in the spotlight.
He said that multifaceted development is especially needed and urgent now, so he hopes that the young entrepreneurs can cultivate a broad and brave mindset in developing Macau, while absorbing the experience of Shunde in manufacturing and scientific innovation.
Both Macau and Shunde are UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy.
Meanwhile, Lao Hong Fai, deputy director-general of the association, complimented Shunde’s achievements in manufacturing small home electric appliances. Lao expressed hope that the youth entrepreneurs could utilize these experiences back home.
Wong Tim Fok, director of the committee, stressed that the two cities have ample opportunity for collaboration, such as using Macau as the conduit for selling electric appliances to African and Lusophone countries. Large enterprises may also consider establishing headquarters in Macau or Hengqin so as to explore the Lusophone market, the director suggested. AL

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