10 individuals to be retested for Covid-19 following positive samples

A mixed sample containing ten samples preliminary tested positive for Covid-19, the Kiang Wu Hospital alerted the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center.

In a statement, the center said that the Health Bureau is reviewing the sample again.

The 10 residents who are part of this sample were told to stay where they are and they will all be transported individually by ambulance to the Conde S. Januário Hospital to undergo another nucleic acid test.

Depending on the results of the new tests, the center may update anti-epidemic measures and social activities, government said.

Laboratory test result will be released later today.

The Kiang Wu Hospital has already suspended their NAT station for disinfection.


The final decision by Zhuhai will be known after the results of the tests are known.

In light of the new possible cases, Zhuhai’s new entry measures on incoming residents will only be known after the results of the Covid-19 tests.

Zhuhai was supposed to lift quarantine entry measures from noon today. As long as Macau residents hold both a vaccination certificate and a negative NAT certificate, they were to be exempted from the 14-day quarantine.

However, under the joint prevention and control mechanism between Zhuhai and Macau, it was agreed that the enforcement of new cross-boundary measures between Zhuhai and Macau at 12 p.m  is suspended.  Upon verification of the final result of the case concerned, the updated cross-boundary measures will be promptly announced.


Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEDJ) announced that arrangements for class resumption today are suspended until further notice.

Schools are requested to make appropriate arrangements and inform parents. If students have arrived at the school and they are unable to go home on their own, schools are requested to adhere to the epidemic prevention guidelines to take appropriate care of them while they wait for their parents to pick them up.


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