2013 Medical vouchers to expire Sunday

Sunday (August. 31) is the last day that residents will be able to print and use 2013 medical vouchers. The Health Bureau provides printing and re-issuing services this weekend, located on the second floor of the China Plaza building. The venue opens from 9a.m. to 6p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The hotline for inquiries is 2822. Details of the medical subsidy scheme are on the website www.vs.gov.mo.

foto colunaVolleyball Grand Prix not returning to town next year

Macau will not host an annual leg of the Volleyball Grand Prix next year, the Sports Development Board (ID) announced this week. The International Volleyball Association (FIVB) has decided that only two annual legs of the tournament are to be held in China. One of the competition’s annual legs will be held in mainland China every year, with the other being hosted by only one of the SARs each year. The tournament is set to return to Macau in 2016. FIVB’s decision is due to its expectation of covering many countries and regions. China has been hosting more annual legs than other countries involved in the tournament.

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