90% support Sandwich-class Housing scheme: survey

Over the past month, the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau (DSEPDR) received a total of 968 opinions regarding the Sandwich-class Housing scheme, with 90% of respondents supporting or not objecting to the proposal. The acting director of the bureau, Ung Hoi Ian, revealed the statistics during yesterday’s TDM Macau Forum. 4.5% of respondents opposed the proposal. Over 50% of the opinions approved of the first proposal, which is to extend the eligibility to residents who exceed the requirements of Economic Housing, while not being able to afford private housing.
Over 60% of the opinions agree that under specific conditions, the houses should be allowed to be placed for sale.
The eligibility of the Sandwich-class Housing is part of the public consultation. The government proposes that either all members of the applicant family cluster must be permanent residents, or over half of the cluster must be permanent residents, while the main applicant is a permanent resident.
Regarding the proposed income ceiling, the government proposes that this be set at either 20% higher than or 10% higher than the income ceiling of Economic Housing.
The government proposes that asset ceilings be set at either 20% higher than or identical to that of Economic Housing.
Meanwhile, the proposals made by the government are subject to change after the closure of the public consultation. JZ

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