Activist considers Wai Long unsuitable for public housing

The Macau government has announced plans to build 8,000 public housing units at the Av. Wai Long. The plan has been deemed by local social activist Amy Sio to be “killing life rashly.” The land plot designated for construction is surrounded by waste incineration facilities, landfills and other facilities which deal with dangerous substances. 

Sio cited an Italian research paper which showed that those living near incinerators have six to seven times higher chance of getting lung cancer.

“Stuffing thousands of people into this place [Wai Long] cannot even be deemed irresponsible. It is killing life rashly,” said Sio. Incinerators cannot completely isolate poisonous substances, he explained, adding that Macau has not been appropriately separating the refuse to be processed, which contributes to the release of more poisonous substances.

The Wai Long public housing project will be located less than 500 meters from an incinerator. The building will be 155 meters tall, which is nearly the same height as the incinerator.

“Incinerators are actually a very dangerous thing. Its vicinity is completely unsuitable for human habitation,” noted Sio.

Local commentator Wong Dong expressed concerns that the project lacks a detailed scientific plan, and does not consider Macau’s overall sustainable development.

Wong believes that the project is a time bomb for Macau’s next government. He further believes that this project will have a negative impact on Tai Tam hill’s ecological environment.

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