André Cheong assures parliamentary committee of BO website security

The website of the Official Gazette (BO) complies with the highest security standards stipulated in the Cybersecurity Law, Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong told a parliamentary committee yesterday.
The Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly is in the process of reviewing the proposed amendments to Law No. 3/1999, which sets out the manner in which the BO should be published.
Chan Chak Mo, the president of the Committee, revealed after a committee meeting that cybersecurity concerns were raised in the context of the government planning to shift from an offline-online hybrid publishing model to an exclusively online approach for the BO.
In response, Cheong assured the committee that the BO website is fully compliant with the guidelines of the Cybersecurity Center, so he believes security would not be a problem.
Citing Cheong, Chan said that 11 of the 116 workers in the Printing Bureau (IO) work in the IT team. The committee president was assured that IT workers from other departments are available to support the IO team when necessary.
Cheong also provided an assurance that when technical problems occur and obstruct the online publication of the BO, printing will resume as a temporary means to get the BO published, as outlined in the proposal. AL

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