Anima president to step down


Albano Martins, founder and president of Anima Macau, will be stepping down from his position at the animal rights group this July.
In an announcement made on social media, Martins revealed that he has lost vision in his dominant eye due to a nasal polypectomy that was conducted following an accident in January, which is one of the reasons he is stepping down.
It is still unknown who will be his successor at Anima, the group he founded in 2003. However, he implied that under the new leadership, Anima would be able to acquire the land it currently occupies.
“This process [has been] under way for several years already. Without this solved, we are always under stress! I hope the successor is someone from the actual team who is 24 hours [per day] dedicated to Anima as an executive,” he told the Times.
“I believe we will have a non-executive president (the president) and an executive president (the president of the executive committee). Now I hold both presidencies but we may need to split [the roles between] two people to make it easier,” Martins added.
Martins, who successfully campaigned for the closure of Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome, is set to leave the city next month.
Meanwhile, he also explained that his work contract with the Nam Van Development Company Ltd which has “lasted for almost 30 years was also cancelled on maturity few days ago.”
Martins’ contract with the firm will end in February 2021.

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