Art Macao | Creative City Pavilion opens to the public on Friday

For the first time, the Macao International Art Biennale 2021 (Art Macao) is adding a “Creative City Pavilion” this year that aims to brings together parts of different UNESCO Creative Cities.
With Macau representing the City of Gastronomy; Nanjing, the City of Literature; Wuhan, the City of Design; and Linz, the City of Media Arts, the pavilion will kick off a series of exhibitions, with the opening of the exhibition “Macau: City of Gastronomy – Bon Appétit!” at the Macao Contemporary Art Center – Navy Yard No. 1.
The exhibition features 15 pieces and sets of works from 16 artists, including Carlos Marreiros and Konstantin Bessmertny, who explore the interrelation between food, society, and history. The awarding works of the romantic composition contest will also be exhibited in the same venue.
The thematic exhibitions will also be extended to other venues, such as Tap Seac Gallery and Mong-Há Villas No. 63-71 and No.55-61, featuring each of the cities they represent.
Literature will be the centerpiece at Tap Seac Gallery, featuring the works of dozens of poets, novelists, critics, and artists of Nanjing, including Su Tong and Zhao Benfu.
The displayed works include manuscripts, calligraphies, documentaries, and paintings, among others.
The No. 63–71 of Mong-
Há Villas will be the house of Wuhan, featuring several works inspired by pandemic prevention, including photography works by the President of the China Photographers Association, Li Ge, and the artist Luo Xian.
Next door, No. 55–61, will feature nine sets of media artworks based on interfaces, demonstrating the cutting edge of contemporary interactive art that are part of Linz’s City of Media Arts.
The exhibitions “Macau: City of Gastronomy – Bon Appétit!” and “Nanjing: City of Literature – Opening Up the Realm” will be held until October 3, while the exhibitions “Wuhan: City of Design – Empathy” and “Linz: City of Media Arts – The Art of Interface” will be held until October 24. Admission to the exhibitions is free of charge.

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