Better planning needed for ‘city of shows’

Better planning, localization, and an annual calendar for local concerts is necessary to turn Macau’s bid into a “city of shows” more international and with world-level artists, the Central District Community Advisory Board member, António Monteiro, recently said during the meeting of the Central District Community Advisory Board.

The member noted the plans recently unveiled by the Municipal Affairs Bureau for the construction of the second phase of the south coast promenade, which is said to include facilities for concerts and other outdoor events.

Monteiro said this space will be “an important leisure space for both residents and tourists.”

It should be considered an example of a regional and international outdoor music concert, “coinciding with possible cultural and even musical festivals, boosting Macau’s economy and tourist image through large-scale shows, in places that do not collide with urban concentration areas.”

The member mentioned the planned music festivals “Rock in Rio” and “Super Bock Super Rock,” scheduled for upcoming seasons, noting that having a well-planned calendar helps to possibly draw the attention of international bands and artists, which in turn will attract international tourists.

“However, we must rethink the entire tourist structure and capacity, from aviation and structures that welcome tourists en masse, as well as put significant effort into training personnel to master, at least, the English language. We must increase transport such as taxis, buses and light rail, as well as varied services, such as local catering.”

Monteiro remarked that a “bad experience and the sense of a lack of capacity to accommodate this type of activity will certainly lead tourists not to return to Macau,” which clashes with the original purpose of attracting and keeping international tourists in Macau for a longer period.

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