Bill concerning urban architecture limits detailed reading of fire safety law


The first detailed reading of the recently passed new law concerning fire safety in buildings and specific locations, such as outdoor public spaces, has been held by the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL).
The law clearly suggests that the personnel who are responsible for managing fire safety at these places must hire a qualified company and assign one fire safety officer from the company to provide services ensuring fire safety.
The legislation proposes that the person responsible for a location should be the operator, while the tenant should be the person responsible for a rented property. If a property management company is involved, then property management should also share the responsibilities.
However, some law-
makers believe the article does not define the responsibilities clearly and they hope the government can further explain the stipulations.
According to Chairman of the Second Standing Committee Chan Chak Mo, the law has many definitions related to fire security. However, these definitions will be included within the bill on urban architecture, which the government has not yet submitted to the AL, as of today.
In order to fully understand the fire security law, the lawmakers are urging the SAR government to deliver the urban architecture law sooner.
The committee expects the government authority will submit the urban architecture law to the AL in the beginning of December. Both laws are expected to have their readings completed within this legislative term.
The committee discussed 29 articles during yesterday’s meeting. Yesterday was the first time that the committee had discussed the law, article-by-article.

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