Briefs: CCAC unveils corruption case

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has accused the president of a building management association of falsifying documents in a corruption case that also involves a supply company.  The case is centered on a bulb supplying company and the changes made to the contract it had previously signed with the building complex management association. The building owners have reportedly suffered a loss of “tens of thousands of patacas.”

Gov’t sets 53m-height limit for Praia Grande buildings

During the Urban Planning Committee meeting this week, some committee members questioned the government’s decision to limit the height of the building on a land lot on Avenida da Praia Grande to 53 meters. At present, there is a 43-meter building on the same plot of land. According to the stipulations of the drafted urban condition plan, a further 10 meters in height may be added to it. Several committee members pointed out that the lot is already in between two buildings that stand at around 82 meters and 90 meters in height.

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