Briefs: Chui Sai On reiterates that referendum is illegal…

The Chief Executive Chui Sai On, refused to comment on the unofficial referendum results, deeming the poll once more as “illegal”. Mr Chui said he would not elaborate on the matter, since the referendum which gauges democratic reform “has no legal basis.” The organizers of the referendum revealed on Tuesday the results for Motion 2, which asked residents whether they have confidence in Chui Sai On for the Chief Executive post. According to the voting turnout, 90 percent of voters do not trust Chui Sai On to be Chief Executive. Out of 8,688 voters, 7,762 said they do not have confidence in Chui; 388 said they do; 528 abstained and 10 voted blank.

…and attends Sino-Japanese War Memorial Ceremony

Chui Sai On has attended a memorial ceremony at the Police Academy, commemorating China’s victory in the Sino-Japanese War which took place during World War Two. The former Chief Executive and current vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee, Edmund Ho, and Li Gang, the head of the Central Government Liaison Office, also attended the event. In his speech, Chui urged Macau residents to defend the sovereignty, security and long-term interest of China alongside the rest of the country. He also noted that Macau has displayed its spirit of “Love China and Love Macau” during the war by raising funds to support the resistance to Japan, as well as by joining the frontline. This is the first time the local government has held an official ceremony to commemorate the event. During World War Two, Macau was not directly involved due to Portugal’s neutrality. However, a large amount of the displaced population had fled to the city from the mainland.

Customs intercept 5,000 fake watches

During an inspection on August 26 at the cargo terminal of the Macau International Airport, the Macau Customs Service (SA) found a consignment of counterfeit watches that was to be re-exported to South East Asian countries. The thirty-four boxes that contained more than five thousand watches were spotted alongside goods that had been declared to the SA. Most of them were later confirmed to be counterfeit products, with a total street value of more than MOP20 million. The SA has arrested the manager of the logistics company involved, as well as a cargo truck driver. They will be handed over to the Public Prosecution Office and may face a jail time of up to six months.

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