Briefs | FC Law donates 5,000 masks to gov’t


Macau-based law firm FC Law – Lawyers and Notaries is donating 5,000 surgical masks to the government as part of its initiatives to assist the local community. “In so doing, we at FC Law wish to contribute to the government-led mission of assisting any person from our community,” the group said in a statement. “We are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the efforts levied against the Covid-19 pandemic.” The surgical masks were purchased in China to be directly and indirectly distributed to the city’s health services and community.

Gov’t’s Hengqin investments questioned

Lawmaker Sulu Sou has questioned the local government’s plan to invest in a community project integrating houses and community services in Hengqin. In Sou’s opinion, the project, led by government-owned Macau Urban Renewal Ltd., has disappointed local residents as they expect the old area of Macau to be renewed instead. The young lawmaker remarked again that the Hengqin investment and the public money involved would escape the supervision of the Macau public. Sou also wants full disclosure of the urban renewal plan for the Iao Han area.

Wong Kit Cheng proposes second cash handout

The Women’s General Association of Macau has asked the local government for cash to support vulnerable families, in addition to a second cash handout. Yesterday, lawmaker Wong Kit Cheng, who is also the vice president of the association, said that the money should specifically be given to caretakers of vulnerable families in order to help avert problems within these families. According to the lawmaker, cash should be given to help caretakers who are on unpaid leave because they need to take care of their own family. Wong also thinks that the local government should consider the society’s current situation following the economic impact on livelihood due to the pandemic outbreak.

District advisor calls for a crematorium in Macau

A member of the Islands District advisory body, Liu Fengming, calls on the local government to build its own crematorium. According to Liu’s statistics, Macau recorded 2,282 deaths in 2019. Approximately 75% of the bodies were cremated in Zhuhai. In Liu’s opinion, changes in burial traditions mean it is now necessary for Macau to build a crematorium. He is also concerned about deaths due to infectious diseases. Mainland China does not allow bodies with infectious diseases to be transported to the mainland. If Macau records a large number of deaths involving infectious disease one day, the city will have no alternative but to bury the bodies. Liu worries that Macau will face increased risks during the current infectious disease outbreak.

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