Briefs | Grand Prix Museum to charge entry fee of 80 patacas

The city’s soon-to-be-reopened Grand Prix Museum will charge an entry fee, according to a dispatch published in the official gazette. 

Visitors aged between 12 and 65 year will be charged 80 patacas. However, Macau residents will receive 50% off the standard price, paying only 40 patacas, and local children, senior citizens and other disadvantaged parties can enter for free. On specific holidays, the museum will provide discounted rates to visitors. All of the museum’s revenue will go to the city’s tourism fund. The museum, which has been closed since July 2017, is expected to reopen in the first quarter of next year.

Two illegal guesthouses found in Taipa

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has found two illegal guesthouses in Taipa, according to a statement released by the PJ. On Sunday, the PJ carried out an anti-crime inspection operation across town. In two residential units, the PJ found 15 mainlanders residing. After an investigation and confirmation of their identities, they were all released. The houses inspected have since been closed by tourism authorities. In addition, the PJ sent 42 crime investigators to inspect Cotai casinos and nearby areas. In total, the PJ inspected 118 individuals, of whom two men and 10 women were found to be involved in illegal currency exchange activities. They were taken back to the police station for further investigation. These 12 people were then transferred to the Public Security Police Force.

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