Briefs | Lawmaker proposes ban on street smoking

Lawmaker Ella Lei has urged the local government to ban smoking in the city’s main streets. In her written inquiry to the government, Lei asked the government whether it “will consider, in the future, to expand the smoking ban to densely populated outdoor spaces.” Lei asked if streets near schools, kindergartens, public parks could be made into non-smoking areas. The lawmaker also wondered whether the government will establish non-smoking streets in some areas. “It has become a global trend to expand smoking bans to outdoor public places, especially where children are present,” Lei wrote.

Additional grid to operate in June

China Southern Power Grid said that the third 500-kilovolt substation will be put into operation by the end of June, according to Chinese reports. When the substation becomes operational, Macau will be served by three substations in total. The company will also enhance the power-handling capability of electric substations in mainland China so that they can provide electricity to Macau in case of a public emergency, as well as support the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

Bill to allow revocation of unfair contracts

The Chief Executive Council has completed the discussion of the consumer rights protection act bill. The bill proposes that all misleading or intimidating business conduct shall constitute unfair business practices. If the consumer contract is made under the influence of unfair business practices, the consumer is allowed to revoke his or her obligation, according to the general law, and retain the part of the contract that is not affected. The bill also proposes to establish a more regulated mediation system and introduce arbitration for consumer disputes involving basic public utility services such as water, electricity and telecommunications services.

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