Briefs | Lawmaker urges compensation for overlapping holiday


Lawmaker Lei Chan U has urged the local government to expedite the final works on the new amendment to the Labor Relations Law. This law includes provisions regarding compensation for overlapping holidays, longer maternity leave, and paid paternity leave. Last July, the Legislative Assembly (AL) passed the law in general terms. An AL committee discussion was also held on the law’s details. However, as of today, the bill has not yet been published. Lei accused the city’s administrative procedures of being time-consuming and delaying the bill’s publication. Lei described the bill’s progress as “unbelievably slow”.

Macau’s non-resident mainland workers can join Zhuhai retirement program

Mainland workers in Macau can now join the retirement scheme in Hengqin, according to mainland news reports. In mainland China, social welfare is linked to a person’s hukou (or residency) at a city level. When a person pays for one city’s social welfare scheme, they are only guaranteed access to the corresponding level of social welfare of that city. Previously, mainland workers working in Macau were not allowed to join Zhuhai’s governmental retirement insurance scheme because they were not residents of Zhuhai. With Hengqin becoming an experimental region giving Macau’s mainland workers access to Zhuhai’s retirement insurance scheme, more than 100,000 of Macau’s mainland workers can now pay to join Zhuhai’s retirement insurance system.

Praça de Ferreira do Amaral roadworks enter final stage

As of today, roadworks at Praça de Ferreira do Amaral have entered their fourth and final stage. During this period, traffic lanes A and B at the bus stop will remain closed and the corresponding bus routes will temporarily stop at lanes C1, C2 and E. During the first three stages, some bus lanes were moved to other lanes or to nearby locations, and these changes will remain in place for the time being. Routes 3A, 8A, 10A, AA, 21A, 26A, 33, N1A, N2 will stop at lane C1. Routes 11, MT2, 50, 50B, 52, 71, and 73 will stop at lane C2. Routes 6B, 9, 91, 23, and 32 will stop at lane E.

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