Casinos and regulator join hands against money exchange gangs

Last week, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) met with 14 representatives of the six gaming concessions for a discussion on matters concerning illegal money exchange syndicates.

During the meeting, representatives of the gaming industry agreed on the importance and urgency of combating these groups.

The representatives also pointed out that a series of previous crackdowns by police had been effective, further claiming that recent money exchange activities have been significantly reduced.

The representatives promised to actively cooperate with police and send additional security personnel to conduct inspections in casinos and hotels.

The law enforcement department of the security sector was also present at the meeting and stated that it will continue to strengthen relevant crackdowns, conduct intelligence exchanges with law enforcement agencies in mainland China and coordinate with the gaming industry to establish closer communication.

A government representative at the meeting suggested that the gaming industry should share relevant information and inform the law enforcement department in a timely manner.

Money exchange gangs have been present at various casinos in Macau for years, impacting Macau’s social security system and the normal operation of the casinos.

In 2018, the Judiciary Police and the Public Security Police Force conducted several large-scale operations against money exchange syndicates. Over 3,000 people were detained and deported due to the actions of these bodies.

In 2019, the two bureaus have strengthened their inspections. As a result, in the first two months of the year more than 1,000 people have been detained due to their involvement. JZ

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